Thursday, September 6, 2007

life in Virginia

i've heard people say that once you move out east, you never go back...


i love virginia. it's definately growing on me. i have to get used to the knats that fly in your face whenever you're outside and the larger-than-life spiders...and poisonous snakes. but i guess those are just details. i really love the beauty of the countryside here. and the small, country feel is something i appreciate.

i didn't anticipate missing the lakes. i miss the lakes sooooooo much! especially lake michigan. to get to a lake here you have to drive at least a couple hours. and even careful of poisonous snakes in the water. eek!

i also miss my familiar life of friends and family that i've known for forever. but, i'm making new friends and i'm realizing that people out here are just like people back home. the only thing is that i wish i had someone to come home to and tell stories to and to laugh and share with. but, alas...that will come someday. :)

i guess what i've been realizing is that God brought me here -- not only to be a witness to the students of SVA, but to help me to grow in my relationship with Him, to rely more on Him. And this life is just temporary. Don't become too attached. Instead forget about living life for yourself and help others understand and realize their purpose here, too. I'm finding that that's more fulfilling.

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